Give-as-you-can community cafe.

Our restaurant aims to be an engaging welcoming space where all members of the community can dine with us, regardless of their ability to pay.


All are welcome at our table.

We are a community cafe serving healthy, family-style meals. We will be offering food, companionship and conversation in an eclectic communal setting.

Come As You Are Give As You Can!.jpg

No barriers.

Greeters, servers, and staff are volunteers or part of the Provision team. Communal seating. Menu changes daily, based on donations. Vegetarian and gluten-free options daily.

Dining out, whether for dinner or a café mocha, has become a standard way of life for many Americans, yet some are still left out of this seemingly common cultural practice. Together we can offer everyone in our community the opportunity to participate and enjoy what many of us are able to experience as a commonplace activity.

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2940 Harriet Avenue S
Minneapolis, MN 55408


Parking at Provision

Parking Lot with limited free parking
Access through the alley off of Lake Street
between Harriet Ave and Garfield Ave-first drive on the right

Please do not park in spaces marked “Reserved”

Free Street Parking
Available on Harriet Avenue

Metered Parking
Available on Lake Street between Harriet and Garfield

Pay Lot
Garfield Municipal lot has ample parking—rates vary
Entrance is on Lyndale Avenue just north of Lake Street


Who's invited? 

Our Guests

When we say ALL members of the community are welcome, we truly mean it!  We do our best to eliminate any barriers that may deter someone from joining us for a meal.  We ask diners to offer their personal provision, or to “give-what-you-can”, which means that all are welcome to dine and share with us what resources of time (volunteer service) or money (financial contributions) they may have available at the moment or in the future.  

Whether you are hungry for food, companionship, conversation, or all three, we need for you to join us so our table can be complete!

It is our hope that you will make yourself feel at home in our space.  One great way to do that is to volunteer as well as to dine with us.  Those who volunteer will have more opportunities to get to know our staff and our kitchen, which will naturally create a sense of community!

What's on the table?

Food & Service

  • Menu will change daily based on availability

  • Vegetarian options available daily

  • Community tables, FAMILY-STYLE SEATING.

  • Meals will be served family-style by volunteers from the community


When is Dinner Served?

Hours of Operation

*We do things a little differently than an "regular" restaurant



Seating at 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm



Seating at 10:00 am and 12:00 pm




One World Everybody Eats

Using the One World Everybody Eats model as our guide to the community café concept, Provision Community Restaurant, will provide an engaging welcoming space where all members of the community can dine with us, regardless of their ability to pay. We will encourage community involvement and a spirit of giving through free will offering of volunteer service and/or financial contributions from those who are willing and able to contribute to the organization. Because the majority of our food is supplied by generous contributions from the food industry, financial contributions will be applied to general operating costs. We will also carry on in the spirit of community-building and volunteer service via our Harvest Program.


One World Everybody Eats (OWEE) cafes create spaces where people are nourished in body and soul. People come together, eat in dignity, and form strong bonds that foster an interconnected community. Provision is a member of the OWEE network of cafes of which there are 60 registered (and growing!) in the US.

The OWEE Seven Core Elements:

· Pay-What-You-Can pricing

· Patrons choose own portion size

· Healthy, seasonal foods

· Patrons can volunteer for a meal

· Volunteers are used to the greatest extent possible

· Paid staff earns a living wage

· Community Engagement and a Community Table

*Provison Community Restaurant is dedicated to applying these core elements to our daily practices