Promoting sustainable living practices.

Our intention with these events is to provide education and encouragement for community members to take action in reducing food waste and to promote sustainable living practices, which support our value of Repurpose.


Tickets for Sustainability Dinners are $50 per person and seating is limited to 30 guests per dinner. Proceeds will go toward the sustainability of Provision Community Restaurant.

Presentation Topics

Guest chefs/farmers/purveyors/nutritionists offer a 20-40 minute presentation on a practical application of sustainability such as:

  • Why does the topic of sustainability matter? Changes in agricultural practices have contributed to climate change, massive abuse of antibiotics, widespread obesity and rampant animal cruelty. Building awareness.

  • Food Waste. Building awareness and advocacy for changes in our food system. Simple to complex ways of reducing food waste at home and in the workplace.

  • What is sustainable food? Sustainable food is grown and produced using methods that do not harm the environment and that are respectful of workers, humane to animals, provide fair wages and support farming communities. Building awareness.

  • Where can I find sustainable food? Sustainable shopping practices. Local vendors, grocers, markets, etc. Where, when, and how to shop for food in a sustainable way.

  • Seasonal Ingredients. When you buy seasonal food from sustainable, local sources, you are getting food as it was meant to be consumed. Sharing about the benefits for the individual and the community.

  • Grow your own. From window boxes and pots to community gardens. What, when, and how to grow food in your home/neighborhood.

  • Preserving. Freezing, canning, storing.