Help us promote sustainable living practices.

Our intention with these events is to provide education and encouragement for community members to take action in reducing food waste and to promote sustainable living practices, which support our value of Repurpose. Proceeds will go toward the sustainability of Provision Community Restaurant.

PARTICIPATION — What is my part?

  • Guest chefs/farmers/purveyors/nutritionists offer a 20-40 minute presentation on a practical application of sustainability for 30 diners (topics open to partner suggestion)

  • Held on third Wednesday of each month

  • Partner will provide staff and/or coordinate with Provision staff to prepare a meal of their choice for 30 diners*

  • Food order will be sponsored by the partner and/or ordered in coordination with Provision staff *

  • Partner will promote Provision and the Sustainability Dinner as able*

*Terms and details are negotiable

VALUE — What’s in it for me?

Partners will be represented as the “Featured Sustainability Partner” for their designated month, which will include promotion within the restaurant, website, and social media platforms

• Level of in-kind contribution will be valued and recognized according to Provision’s standard sponsor recognition policies (currently wall “plaques” that range in size in accordance with estimated value of sponsorship)

• Value of cash paid for supplies, staffing and food are considered In-Kind contributions and are tax- deductible as directed by federal guidelines