Vision and Values

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NEARLY HALF of Americans report sometimes feeling alone or left out.

2 in 5 Americans sometimes feel that their relationships are not…..


As we cultivate a welcoming and engaging environment, a sense of belonging is revived. In coming together to share our time and our stories, a true sense of community is revived.

Food Insecurity

In Minnesota, 508,630 people are struggling with hunger- of which 163,070 are children (Feeding America).

One in Ten households in Minnesota struggle with Food insecurity (Hunger in America).


IN sharing nutritious meals and supportive connections, physical health and hope are restored.

As we provide the basic human right to food, justice is restored.


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30-40% of food prodcused for human consumption is wasted (annually? ) (US Department of Agriculture, xxx). This equates to 519,400 TONS of food in Minnesota (Minnesota Bulletin?)


As we develop meals out of repurposed food, we reduce food waste in our city. By offering our skills and talents so others can benefit we discover new purpose and meaning in..…