Our Mission.. to foster creative, community-based solutions to overcome food insecurity, isolation, and hardships in the lives of our neighbors.

Hours of Operation, effective Spring 2019:

M-T (Food shelf available 4-5pm)

W-F Doors open at 430pm. Dinner is served at 5pm and at 7pm

S--Breakfast is served at 10am and 12pm

Family-Style seating, food and service.

Location: TBD South Minneapolis, MN


Come as you are; Give as you can.



Imagine a place to REPURPOSE


As we develop feasts out of repurposed food, we reduce food waste and isolation in our city. In offering our experience, skills, and talents so that others may thrive, we discover new purpose and meaning in our gifts and in our lives.


Imagine a chance to RESTORE


In sharing nutritious meals and supportive connections, physical health and hope return. As we provide the basic human right to food, justice is restored.

Imagine an opportunity to REVIVE


As we cultivate a welcoming and engaging environment, a sense of belonging is reborn. In coming together to share our time and our stories, a true sense of community is revived.

The Provision Community Team


Anna Wienke- Executive Director

David Smith- Programs Director

Sarah Seifert - Board Chair - Program Director of Strategic Business Engagements, United Health Group

Kenny Beck - Board Treasurer - Server, Red Cow

Melanie Yackley - Board Secretary- Case Manager, Greene Espel PLLP

Jared  Brewington - Owner, Funky Grits

Brent Frederick - Owner, Jester Concepts

Virginia Jones - Corrections Sergeant, Dakota County Corrections

 Jennifer Kostroski - Latent Print Examiner, Minnesota BCA

Angela Shero - Sales Rep, Unifirst Corporation

Mark Smith - Buyer/Product Manager, BI Worldwide

Steve Wilcox - Sales Manager, BDS Laundry Systems


Our Story


After months of time in the "Think Tank", Provision's Board and Staff decided that we would accomplish our mission by (1) serving free meals in an engaging, welcoming space where all members of the community can dine with us, (2) inviting various local chefs to visit our facility to provide education and encouragement on food preparation, sustainable living practices, and the reduction of food waste, and (3) connecting members of the community who are able to donate their time and skills or talents with others in the community who seek support or mentoring in one or more areas of their lives through our Harvest program. We will fund these activities through a combination of grants and donations from individuals, foundations, businesses, and governmental entities.

Provision is dedicated to eliminating hunger, food waste, and social barriers in the Minneapolis community by providing daily dinners for all people, regardless of their ability to pay. Our food-service model is based in large part on the One World Everybody Eats (“OWEE”) community café model (see, which is used by several 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations around the United States, including (1) So All May Eat, Inc., a Colorado nonprofit corporation (website:; (2) F A R M Cafe Inc., a North Carolina nonprofit corporation(website:; (4) Who Is My Neighbor, Inc., a New Jersey nonprofit corporation (website:

At Provision, we ask diners to offer their personal provision, or to “give-what-you-can” by donating time or volunteer service to our organization. Provision is also dedicated to overcoming isolation and hardship in the lives of our neighbors by fostering authentic relationships over the course of a shared meal among people of various social, racial, and economic classes, thereby building compassion, tolerance, and care within our community. We accomplish this purpose by providing meals in a dignified and respectful manner at "family style" meals served around a community table. We also accomplish this purpose by helping community members identify their own needs and meet the needs of others through our Harvest program. Because overcoming isolation and hardship in the lives of our neighbors depends on breaking down social, racial, and economic barriers, Provision will not limit its services to people from a particular economic class.